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Evolve Wallpapers v2.8 Apk

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Evolve Wallpapers v2.8 Apk

Evolve Wallpapers v2.8 Apk is an amazing application for Android users.

Key Features :

  • 80 wallpapers, much more to come
  • High detailed wallpapers in 3k resolution
  • Will fit any device without quality loss
  • At least 5 wallpapers weekly
  • Server side updates
  • Good looking dashboard
  • More dashboard features to come
  • Simple & fast to use
  • Save wallpapers support


  • Wallpapers may load slower on certain devices, that because size and quality is very high.
  • Grid images will only load once. After that they dont have to load again
  • All walls are in Portrait mode
  • Favorite button saves wallpaper in your device. When un-favorited , wallpapers will dissapear.
  • Dashboard will get new features & design soon

Evolve Wallpapers v2.8 Apk

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