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Smart Bluetooth Widget Pro v1.8 Apk

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Smart Bluetooth Widget Pro v1.8 Apk

Smart Bluetooth Widget Pro v1.8 Apk is an amazing application for Android users. This is a must have widget for your android if you have any Bluetooth devices.

It adds a Bluetooth icon to your home screen, and by just clicking on it, It will display you the list of paired devices and you can just click and connect to your Bluetooth devices. No need to go to settings screen, turn the Bluetooth on, and connect to your devices.

With this widget, It’s as easy as one click

When you walk away from your Bluetooth device, this widget not just cancels the Bluetooth connection, It also turns off the Bluetooth to save more from the battery.

This is a MUST have widget for your android.

Smart Bluetooth Widget Pro v1.8 Apk

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More info from Google Play Store Market

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