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Dark Fear v1.0.45 Apk

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Dark Fear v1.0.45 Apk

Dark Fear v1.0.45 Apk – This game contains frightening scenes which some players may find disturbing. Dark Fear is a unique pixel-horror themed RPG/adventure game.

For horror game fans seeking out that ultimate fix, Dark Fear delivers an immersive, frightening experience wrapped in a cinematic soundtrack and a dark, twisted story line written by an ex-film industry professional.

Explore a diverse landscape filled with forests, mountains, lakes and deserts. Make allies in the local village, upgrade your weapon and armor, go hunting/fishing and fight your way to the truth by slaying your foes, solving puzzles and helping people with their problems.


  • A combination of both adventure and RPG game mechanics Classic 1980’s PC style visuals
  • A cinematic Hollywood style soundtrack composed by film industry professionals
  • A deep and engaging storyline

Dark Fear v1.0.45 Apk

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