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eWeather HD Alerts v5.7.4

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eWeather HD Alerts v5.7.4

eWeather HD Alerts v5.7.4 eWeather HD is the most informative Android application about your environment: Current weather and weather forecasts from different weather providers, NOAA weather alerts, latest earthquakes, live radar, geomagnetic storm forecast, pressure change indicator, wind and moon.

The most unique feature in this application is the Weather Clock. It provides all of the previous information in an hour-by-hour clock format and is very interactive, informative and fun to use.

eWeather HD is recommended for those who are interested in weather, astronomy, aviation, hunting, fishing, travel, own or work on a farm or ranch, a private or vacation home, or work or play in a weather-sensitive environment or industry.

The NOAA Doppler Radar shows tornado, rain, snow, and hail clouds movement on Google Maps around your location in real time with higher resolution images than any other app for Android.

eWeather HD Alerts v5.7.4

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