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Intello for Ingress v0.2.69 Apk

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Intello for Ingress v0.2.69 Apk

Intello for Ingress v0.2.69 Apk Intello launches specific locations on Ingress Intel map for easy access.

Key Features:-

  • Launch Intel map at current user location
  • Search locations worldwide for easy access
  • Save up to 8+ locations & launch them simultaneously
  • Navigate to or share Ingress location
  • View satellite/traffic map of Ingress location
  • Save new Ingress location from satellite/traffic map
  • Set preferred map zoom level
  • Use random or select one of 19+ color themes
  • NEW Set preferred map zoom level
  • NEW Changed default zoom level from 16 to 15

Intello for Ingress v0.2.69 Apk

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