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Speaking Timer v1.31 Apk

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Speaking Timer v1.31 Apk

Speaking Timer v1.31 Apk Perfect to use for example when cooking. Instead of keeping track of the time, this app will continually tell you the time left until your meal is done.

Key Features:-

  • Set announce type, Speech, Vibrate, Beep etc.
  • Set announce interval  Set tone to play when expired
  • Set volume and speech rate for speech.
  • Allow, not allow to speak announcements when in a phone call.
  • Allow, not allow to speak announcements when phone is in silent mode.
  • Option to keep screen on while timer is running.
  • Option to automatically turn off alert after a certain time.
  • Option to vibrate phone when timer expires.
  • Support for rotation, landscape and portrait mode.
  • FIXED for crashes on Android KitKat

Speaking Timer v1.31 Apk

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