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GPS Status & Toolbox PRO v6.0.127 Apk

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GPS Status & Toolbox PRO v6.0.127 Apk

GPS Status & Toolbox PRO v6.0.127 Apk Tools included: compass with magnetic and true north, leveling tool, mark or share your location and navigate back later.

Key Features:-

  • show/store/edit multiple way points and use them on the Radar for navigation.
  • pressure, rotation, temperature, humidity values
  • removed ads
  • Because of a firmware bug, they may report extreme battery consumption for GPS Status even if it is not running at all.
  • Just ignore it and let’s hope that a future firmware upgrade will fix this on your phone.
  • The initial Droid 3+ firmware does not implement the satellite status API so you will not see the satellites and the signal strength bars. The rest of the features should work properly.
  • On some phones, turning your phone to airplane mode will turn off the GPS receiver, too.
  • This is a hardware limitation. Droid Charge. Reports 0 altitude.
  • The phone cannot report the satellite S-NR values correctly.
  • With Android 2.3 it cannot report NM-EA sentences.
  • This means that the D OP/HD-OP/VD-OP values are not available.

GPS Status & Toolbox PRO v6.0.127 Apk

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