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XNotifications v1.2.1 Full Apk

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XNotifications v1.2.1 Full Apk

XNotifications v1.2.1 Full Apk amazing applcation for Android users. XNotifications is an Xposed module that lets you control notifications behavior in many aspects.

Key features:-

  • Enable/disable heads-up globally or on a per-app basis
  • Change heads-up duration
  • Change heads-up opacity
  • Show/hide notifications icons globally or on a per-app basis
  • Set quiet hours globally or on a per-app basis
  • Hide / Show once between device boots
  • Hide notification icon
  • Select whether to mute the notification or apply default
  • custom sound for the notification
  • Select whether to disable or enable notification vibration
  • Clear persistent notifications
  • Snooze notifications
  • Mute or hide notifications period or until next device boot
  • Create a notification rule based from the notification
  • Requires Lollipop and above OS

XNotifications v1.2.1 Full Apk

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