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Hue Pro v2.0.6 Android

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Hue Pro v2.0.6 Android

Hue Pro v2.0.6 Android is an amazing application for Android users. Hue Pro is a new way to use your Philips Hue lighting system. It provides all the features of the native Philips Hue Android application, such as lighting presets.

Hue Pro is designed to make using your Hue lighting system much easier and more convenient. With Hue Pro’s WiFi Detection, you can have your lights turn on to a preset of your choice as you walk in your home’s door.

  • Lighting presets
  • Create alarms and timers
  • WiFi Detection
  • Control your lights away from home
  • Widget control
  • Light grouping
  • Lava lamp (in-app purchase)
  • Music integration (in-app purchase)
  • Export / import settings

Hue Pro v2.0.6 Android

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