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Panorama 360 v4.1.7-v7a Apk

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Panorama 360 v4.1.7-v7a Apk

Panorama 360 v4.1.7-v7a Apk is a wonderful camera app letting you create 360 degree quality programs for free. Panorama 360 lets you share quick n easy high resolution Panoramas on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.To get the best Panoramas, make sure there is enough light and keep your hands steady while capturing the frames.

Key Features:

  • Panos can be shared and viewed via 3D viewer as flat images
  • Non compass feature
  • Add 3D effect to your panoramas
  • Automatic storage in SD Card
  • Direct upload to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
  • Automatic Geo tagging
  • HD option to get high resolution panos
  • Click nearby to view Panoramas around your location

Panorama 360 v4.1.7-v7a Apk

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