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Cross DJ Pro v2.3.2 Apk

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Cross DJ Pro v2.3.2 Apk

Cross DJ Pro v2.3.2 Apk is an amazing application for Android users. Mix tracks in perfect sync on a powerful audio engine.

Key Features:

  • Accurate BPM detection of your music, down to the last decimal
  • Stable sync
  • Progressive, manual pitch bend
  • Customizable, manual pitch range
  • Beatmatcher. Parallel waveforms mode to visually check if your tracks are synced
  • Accurate beat grid editing
  • Quantize
  • Smart seek
  • AutoMix
  • Split Mono. Pre listen your music tracks before mixing them
  • External mixer. Control EQs and crossfader with hardware mixers
  • Best mix performance
  • Low latency
  • Extremely realistic scratch sounds as on real turntables
  • Record your mixes live and high quality

What’s New in v2.3.2 Apk

  • 49 combinations
  • Change each color’s deck
  • Display a single player
  • Big controls
  • New music library

Cross DJ Pro v2.3.2 Apk

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