PDF and DJVU Reader v2.2.5 Apk


PDF and DJVU Reader v2.2.5 Apk

PDF and DJVU Reader v2.2.5 Apk You need work with 2,3 or even more documents at the same time no problem. It supports multiple documents with instant switching between them. Amount of documents depend of available RAM.

Do you have Samsung device with multi window OS? This reader support it.

  • Various viewing modes including single page and horizontal scroll ones
  • Auto scanning device storage and removable media
  • Search for books and search inside books
  • Night mode for comfortable text reading
  • Cropping
  • Automatic and manual cropping modes available
  • Tree like outline
  • Home screen widget for your recent books
  • Real full screen for Android 4.4

What’s New

  • Feedback form
  • New art for bookshelf
  • Multiline file names
  • Printing support
  • Auto skew mode for scanned documents
  • Scrolling smoothness tuning

PDF and DJVU Reader v2.2.5 Apk

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