FireTube Premium v1.2.6 Apk


FireTube Premium v1.2.6 Apk

FireTube Premium v1.2.6 Apk is a wonderful, simple, easy to use music player that allows you to listen to any song, anytime, anywhere. It is easy to discover new great music by creating playlists automatically and allowing you to sync with your desktop’s playlists through Firefox.

  • Unlimited music. Access to the largest database of music available
  • Background play. Keep FireTube playing in the background with seamless playback
  • Discover music. Search hot tracks to find popular music you may not have heard
  • Automate queue. Builds a playlists queue for you based on a song or artist
  • Sync playlists
  • Import playlists
  • Video mode

What’s New

  • Fix for no connection on Hot tracks page

FireTube Premium v1.2.6 Apk

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