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ePSXe for Android v1.9.27 Apk

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ePSXe for Android v1.9.27 Apk

ePSXe for Android v1.9.27 Apk is a playstation emulator. It is a port of the famous ePSXe. ePSXe provides very high compatibility, good speed, accurate sound. It is designed for smartphones and tablets.

It includes virtual touch screen pad support, hardware buttons mapping, analog sticks. ePSXe supports OpenGL HD enhanced graphics thanks to the Peopsxl Plugin, cheat codes as well as save stats and memcards compatibility with the PC version.

What’s new

  • Improved CPU/GTE/GPU accuracy.
  • Added widescreen mode.
  • Fixed to HLE bios, BOF 3, Persona, FFT.
  • Added an option to see the game pad axis.
  • Added option to report preferences/game pad info by email to the developers

ePSXe for Android v1.9.27 Apk

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