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Formula Unlimited 2014 v1.2.22 Apk

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Formula Unlimited 2014 v1.2.22 Apk

Formula Unlimited 2014 v1.2.22 Apk is a high level competition game with latest cars and greater performance than convention formula 1 or GP2 cars.

  • Great graphic improvement over earlier versions.
  • Cars can be upgraded before each championship race. You can make improvements in engine power, tyre power and body work impact structure.
  • In race tyre degradation.
  • Car damage in collision.
  • Now all circuits have a pitlane for tyre change and car repairing.
  • Pit stops.
  • HUD with other pilot pit stops.
  • HUD with position and distance of the car behind us.
  • All circuits are completely redesigned with new graphical improvement.
  • New cat models with high level of details.
  • Cash reward system in each race to spend in tyres, bodywork kits and car upgrades.
  • Camera smooths tilts when steering with accelerometer.

What’s new in v1.2.22 Apk

  • HUD improved
  • HUD RPM and gears
  • Music
  • Control improved
  • Physical and effects improved

Formula Unlimited 2014 v1.2.22 Apk

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