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Smart Launcher 3 Pro v3.0 RC7 Apk

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Smart Launcher 3 Pro v3.0 RC7 Apk

Smart Launcher 3 Pro Apk is a wonderful and innovative launcher download for Android featuring minimalist design, low resource requirements and a user friendly interface that allows you to launch any application with a few taps.

Customizable categories. If 6 categories are not enough for you, you can now add as many categories as you want. You can have books, shopping, navigation or you can create a new category you define yourself.

Popup widget. You can use popup widgets to show widgets when you need them. Single tap to start an app, double tap to show a widget.

Widget screen. It provides you a secondary, multiple screen panel in which you can place widgets.

Two finger gesture give you even more possibilities to customize the way you start apps.

More and faster updates.

Smart Launcher 3 Pro v3.0 RC7 Apk

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