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My Wallets v3.4 Apk

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My Wallets v3.4 Apk

My Wallets Apk download and shows you everything you want to see in order to understand where you have been spending your money and where you need to save in order to maintain your financial well being.

Key Features:

  • Create wallets, currencies, groups and subgroups with additions of icons
  • View the finance report daily, weekly, monthly etc
  • Synchronization with cloud
  • View the finance report on losses and parishes by groups, currencies and wallets for the selected period
  • View a fiance pie chart of losses and parishes by groups for the selected period
  • Import and export database to a file
  • Set a password for entrance into the program
  • Update the exchange rate from the server
  • Export to Excel and XML
  • Use many filters of operations on different parameters

My Wallets v3.4 Apk

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