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Addons Detector Pro v3.1.0 build 48 Apk

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Addons Detector Pro v3.1.0 build 48 Apk

Addons Detector Pro detects addons used by your installed applications. It has all the tools to find push notification ads and icon ads.

Besides push notifications, using this app is a great way to see what advertising agencies apps use and what tools they have integrated.

Does the normal scan not detect the spam ads? Enable the notification monitor and you can easily see which program puts a notification in your notification area.

Another cool feature that we added is the live scanner. This scanner scans newly installed and updated apps for selected addon categories and displays a notification if they are found. This feature is reserved for users that have donated.

If you are getting shortcut spam on your home screen, we have added a new icon ad monitor that should detect that too.

What’s New in v3.1.0 build 48 Apk

  • Added progress bar for downloading definitions
  • Added preferences for updating definitions at start up
  • Fixed issue in donation system
  • Minor bug fixes

Addons Detector Pro v3.1.0 build 48 Apk

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