Visualisator Apk 5000 Pro

Visualisator 5000 Pro v2.21 Apk

Visualisator Apk 5000 Pro

Visualisator Apk 5000 Pro is a wonderful music visualization app for your Android phone or tablet. This app works with any music player, as long as it can play in the backgrond and uses the built in Android codecs to play its songs.

Key Features:

  • No ads
  • More visualizations
  • Also runs as live wallpaper

What’s New in v2.21 Apk

  • New visualization. Nexus spectrum alone
  • On devices with a soft button bar at the bottom of the screen, the bar is minimized during visualization now
  • Fixed a visual bug in the Simple spectrum visualization
  • If silence is detected, fake input data is generated to still display the effects in a more interesting way

Visualisator 5000 Pro v2.21 Apk

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