SMS Backup & Restore Pro v7.26 Apk

SMS Backup & Restore Pro v7.26 Apk

SMS Backup & Restore Pro v7.26 Apk

SMS Backup & Restore Pro ApkĀ backup is created locally on the phone by default unless you configure it to upload to Email, Google Drive or Dropbox.

You are responsible for backup files and the files are not sent to the developer in any case.

Key Features:

  • Open hangouts and disable SMS from settings
  • Exit the hangouts app
  • Backup SMS messages created in XML format
  • Backup created locally on the device with options to automatically upload to Email, Google Drive etc
  • Choose a scheduled time to automatically backup
  • Backup format is independent of the Android version so the messages can be easily moved from one phone to another
  • Option to select which conversations to backup
  • View and restore all messages or only selected conversations
  • Delete all SMS messages on the phone
  • Email a backup file
  • The XML then can be converted to other formats and ca also be viewed on a computer

What’s New in v7.26 Apk

  • Better backup performance for MMS messages in archive mode
  • Disabled vibrant in silent mode
  • Fixed for MMS restore not filtering conversations properly
  • Minor fixes

SMS Backup & Restore Pro v7.26 Apk

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