Multiwindow Dialer + v1.35.10.6 Apk

Multiwindow Dialer + v1.35.10.6 Apk

Multiwindow Dialer + v1.35.10.6 Apk

Multiwindow Dialer + Apk is a completed dialer with various features thinked to improve your phone calls.

Key Features:-

  • Suggestions for t9 algorithms
  • Themes
  • Notification widgets
  • Home screen dialer widget
  • Left slider with contact widget
  • Right slider with call logs
  • Top slider with settings
  • Long click on a contact for a quick preview than click on the pictures for contact sheet
  • Shortcuts on the numbers
  • Automatic phone call when you put the phone near your ear
  • Send SMS
  • 4 gestures over the numeric pad
  • Air gestures, control the phone without touching the screen

What’s new in v1.35.10.6 Apk

  • Exclude sim contacts from the contact list
  • Added 3+ themes
  • Support for translucent status bar
  • Added animation in the popup letter preview in the contact list
  • Improved scrolling of the contact and suggestion list
  • Improved themes popup layout
  • Added new icons for log layout
  • Added elevation in popup letter preview and top bar

Multiwindow Dialer + v1.35.10.6 Apk

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