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Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro v2.5.3 Apk

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Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro v2.5.3 Apk

Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro Apk root and BusyBox is required for using this app.  Make sure you have BusyBox updated or installed.

Key Features:

  • Displays CPU core frequencies in real time
  • Adjustment of CPU governors
  • Adjustment of CPU in or max frequencies
  • MP decision on or off
  • CPU Quiet governor
  • Eco mode
  • Displays current voltage per frequency
  • Tweak CPU voltage
  • Smart reflex on or off
  • Allows for CPU governor specific tweaks
  • Displays GPU frequencies in real time
  • Selection of available GPU governors
  • GPU Max frequencies
  • GPU V sync capability
  • Tweak read ahead size
  • Custom tweaks for LMK

What’s New in v2.5.3 Apk

  • Bug fixes

Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro v2.5.3 Apk

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