2 Battery Pro Battery Saver v3.16 Apk

2 Battery Pro Battery Saver v3.16 Apk

2 Battery Pro Battery Saver v3.16 Apk

Apk dreams 2 Battery Pro Battery Saver Apk is an amazing application for Android users. Does the phone run out of battery fast?

You do not wish to manually turn on or off the Internet connection anymore. This app extends battery existence through the usage of a sensible algorithm to turn on or off the Internet connection, reduce battery consumption and information utilization etc.

Key Features:-

  • Manage Internet connection intelligently in the background
  • Make sure information transmission completeness through maintaining the Internet connection unless the transmission is completed
  • Fortify night time only
  • Support white list. Do not disconnect the connection when white listed apps are operating
  • Auto flip off the monitor whilst you put the phone the other way up on the desk or into the pocket
  • Built in monitor filter to additional scale back the display brightness for saving battery
  • Fortify absolutely charged notification and low battery warning
  • Battery icon theme is changeable
  • Configurable enable intervals and settings
  • Method to maintain connection when charging or tethering
  • Solution to no longer let cellular information when monitor unlocked
  • Recognize device settings
  • House display widgets

What’s New in v3.16 Apk

  • New sensitive notification environment which lets you cover battery icon notification from a stable lock screen
  • Update Hungarian settings
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

2 Battery Pro Battery Saver v3.16 Apk

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