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Math Solver v3.5.9 Ad free Apk

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Math Solver v3.5.9 Ad free Apk

Math Solver Ad free Apk is an amazing application for Android users. Solve Math problems and Plot functions. Math Solver is a full featured scientific calculator and graphing calculator with widgets range of functions available. Solve problems in basic math, algebra, complex numbers, Trigonometry etc.

Key Features:-

  • Solve equations and system of equations. Find derivatives, definite and indefinite integral.
  • No network access required. Works offline. It has a offline catalog with details of each function with example.
  • Enter multiple comma separated functions to plot them
  • Press back button to make graph full screen by hiding keyboard
  • Press on any example in catalog to copy it to solver tab
  • Trigonometric functions default inputs is in radian i.e. to calculate Sin(90 Degree) to calculate Sine of 90 degree

What’s New in v3.5.9 Apk

  • Crash fixes

Math Solver v3.5.9 Ad free Apk

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