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OruxMaps Donate v6.0.4 Apk

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OruxMaps Donate v6.0.4 Apk

OruxMaps Donate Apk is for your outdoor activities like running, trekking, mountain biking etc.

Key Features:-

  • Online and Offline maps. Support for multiple formats
  • OruxMaps formats as .ozf2, .img, .mbtiles etc. You can use maps from Ozi Explorer transformed with a PC tool
  • 3D view
  • Support to multiple external devices as GPS Bluetooth, Hear Rate monitors, ANT+ etc
  • AIS information systems for nautical sports using WiFi to Bluetooth
  • Support to KML, KMZ and GPS formats
  • Share your position with friends, display the position of your friends in your device
  • Text to speech support
  • Profiles, save your preferences in your SD card
  • Create and save waypoints, attaching photo, video extensions

What’s New in v6.0.4 Apk

  • New ANT+ libraries
  • Added battery status controls for dashboard
  • Added support to bike power sensors
  • New dashboard controls
  • New units for bearings
  • Bug fixes

OruxMaps Donate v6.0.4 Apk

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