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Goblin Defenders v1.5.202 Mod Apk

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Goblin Defenders v1.5.202 Mod Apk

Goblin Defenders Mod Apk is a wonderful application for Android users. Featuring Goblins and Orcs. What do you do when your kingdom is burnt down by hordes of evil spirits from hell itself? You seek salvation and they come to help.

They are renowned engineers and glorious warriors. They are the elite force only a few can afford. They are Goblins.

Key Features:-

  • 60+ furious battles across three worlds
  • Fearless heroes as Fox, Goblin, Robot etc
  • Regular updates with even more levels
  • 6+ initial towers with a dozen of improvement options
  • Profitable mines and stone quarries
  • Special Mega Cannon, a gift from friend that turns enemies dead
  • Special Airborne Goblin squad is always ready to help

What’s New in v1.5.202 Apk

  • Arena is growing big. More maps to battle and less time to wait. Join now
  • Ask your friends for Mega Cannon and get a free battlefield slot
  • Lots of improvements

Goblin Defenders v1.5.202 Mod Apk

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