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TaoMix Focus, sleep, relax v1.1.16 Apk

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TaoMix Focus, sleep, relax v1.1.16 Apk

TaoMix Focus, sleep, relax Apk is an amazing Android application for Android users. Let yourself be carried away by your own relaxing ambience which can evolve randomly and at your own speed.

TaoMix features an intuitive interface, a neat and minimalist design and the unique possibility of creating an ambience which can be different every time.

It lets you choose between more than 45+ high quality sounds and most of them have been recorded or created by myself.

Key Features:-

  • Easily create your own unique and relaxing ambience
  • You ambiences can evolve randomly in time which allows them to be different every time
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Neat and minimalist design
  • Use high quality sound to mix
  • Use the timer to fall asleep to your self evolving ambience
  • Save and retrieve your creations
  • Simultaneously use your device while your relaxing ambience plays in background
  • More high quality sounds to come in the next updates
  • Perfect for your relaxation and meditation sessions that allows a great number of combinations
  • Mix up to 3+ relaxing sound together
  • No time limit

What’s New in v1.1.16 Apk

  • New high quality sounds added

TaoMix Focus, sleep, relax v1.1.16 Apk

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