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Don’t Tap the White Tile v3.2.0 Apk

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Don't Tap the White Tile v3.2.0 Apk

Don’t Tap the White Tile Apk is a wonderful game for Android users. Watch your step, do not touch any white tiles.

This is the core rule of this addictive game. Sounds easy? Give it a try and you will see how well you stack up against your friends.

Key Features:-

  • Friends leader boards
  • Community support
  • Charming classical piano soundtrack
  • Customizable playlist
  • More than 30+ awesome game modes
  • Multi color themes and dozens of color options
  • Smooth game play
  • Optimized for high resolution screen
  • Share scores on social networks

What’s New in v3.2.0 Apk

  • Crash bug in game over screen fixed

Don’t Tap the White Tile v3.2.0 Apk

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