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Krypton Anonymous Browser v100-899 Apk

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Krypton Anonymous Browser v100-899 Apk

Krypton Anonymous Browser Apk is an amazing browser application for Android users. It comes bundled with Tor, mitigates common fingerprinting techniques and uses HTTPS everywhere.

Krypton Anonymous never saves data about you or your browsing habits. It is a locked down experience for you when you want to be sure of your privacy.

Key Features:-

  • Private. History, cookies and site data are never stored on disk and never transmitted
  • Secure. Each tab is isolated in a separate OS process. Every tab is treated as a distinct instance, with its own memory storage and state
  • Anonymous
  • Beautifully simple. Built with love and careful design. Every detail has been carefully considered
  • Open source

What’s New in v100-899 Apk

  • Update Ad block and HTTPS everywhere rule sets, Bug fixes
  • Ad block, full screen mode, find in page
  • Enable static certificate pins
  • Intel Atom support
  • Fixes for older Samsung devices

Krypton Anonymous Browser v100-899 Apk

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