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Floatify Notifications Pro v5.00 Apk

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Floatify Notifications Pro v5.00 Apk

Floatify Notifications Pro v5.00 Apk is an amazing notifications apk for Android users. Floatify, Android Lollipop style notifications.

When you receive notification Floatify will show you a heads up popup window with stacked or latest notifications like on Android Lollipop.

You can interact with the pop up, expand a notification to full size, open or cancel the notification or use direct action like call back, archive or similar.

Key Features:-

  • Heads up notifications in Android L style
  • Lollipop lock screen notifications
  • Running on Android 4.2+ devices
  • For full features 4.3+ is required
  • Filter unwanted messages
  • Select from notification, ringtone or alarm sounds
  • Direct actions like call back, message
  • Expand notification to full size
  • Smart blacklist
  • Lockscreen notifications privaacy setting
  • Wake on notification
  • Low battery consumption
  • Backup and restore settings

What’s New in v5.00 Apk

  • New interaction
  • Tap on notification icon to expand message
  • New Pop up type lock screen
  • Swipe to unlock
  • Highlight text title
  • Notification counter
  • Android L theme updated

Floatify Notifications Pro v5.00 Apk

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