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Andy Voice Assistant Pro v11.6x Apk

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Andy Voice Assistant Pro v11.6x Apk

Andy Voice Assistant Pro v11.6x Apk dreams is a wonderful voice assistant apk for Android users. Andy is an intelligent personal assistant, knowledge navigator and voice control software.

Andy can send text messages. initiate phone calls, give you directions and literally answer pretty much any question you throw at him.

It covers most of the Wikipedia information,but you cal also ask about weather and time, get answers to algebra questions etc.

Key Features:-

  • Ask any question
  • Call anyone in your address book
  • Send email messages by voice
  • Text message by voice and read your latest messages
  • Get celebrity and famous people info
  • Movie and music questions
  • Control Android features and functions
  • Browse Internet using voice
  • Get co ordinates and location details
  • Word definitions
  • Covers device hardware details
  • Query live flight status
  • Ask any math related questions
  • Play music on your device etc

Andy Voice Assistant Pro v11.6x Apk

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