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Warlocks Citadel v1.1.20.5 Apk

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Warlocks Citadel v1.1.20.5 Apk

Warlocks Citadel v1.1.20.5 Apk dreams is an amazing game apk for Android users. The Warlock’s citadel is an authentic mixture of classic role playing and tactical components that lets you dive head first into a thrilling journey.

Key Features:-

  • The citadel’s dungeons are randomly generated for each new play through
  • Diversified mazes filled with traps that may trade the flow of the game
  • A mixture of thrilling adventure and turn based tactical combat
  • Four base classes as warrior, rogue, mage etc
  • An original RPG machine with over 30+ talents and spells
  • A rage meter that is required for certain unique abilities
  • A unique item generation system
  • An amazing artwork type
  • Each monster has its own distinctive conduct, talents etc

What’s New in v1.1.20.5 Apk

  • New in game mini map
  • Several new graphic effects
  • Summoned Zombies are a little bit extra clever

Warlocks Citadel v1.1.20.5 Apk

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