Thumb Keyboard v4. Apk

Thumb Keyboard v4. Apk

Thumb Keyboard v4. Apk

Thumb Keyboard ApkĀ – is a wonderful application for Android users. It is the easy to use keyboard in the Play Store for Android Phone, Tablet and Phablet.

It is a keyboard with many, advanced customization options that allows the user to adjust to his or her preferences. It introduces a lot of innovations. Besides a standard layout, it has a new split layout for tablets and phones that makes thumb typing more natural and comfortable.

Key Features:-

  • Full featured standard layouts
  • Split layouts for tablets and large screen devices
  • Special tailored layouts for phones, tablets etc
  • Option to select separate layouts for portrait and landscape
  • One handed operation mode for large screen phones
  • Multi touch
  • Variable key spacing
  • Auto correction
  • Auto correction feedback in text to reduce errors caused by unnoticed auto corrections
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Text to speech feedback
  • Voice input
  • Swipe gesture suport
  • Adjustable keylock volume
  • User dictionary

What’s New in v4. Apk

  • Fixed issue on Android 5.0 that caused Thumb keyboard to force close

Thumb Keyboard v4. Apk

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