Slender Rising v1.0 Apk

Slender Rising v1.0 Apk

Slender Rising v1.0 Apk

Slender Rising Apk – is a wonderful game for Android users. Experience the original Slender Rising, that scared millions of people worldwide now on your Android devices and you will know that it was worth the wait.

Key Features:-

  • Day and Night modes. Investigate places during the day and with a flashlight during the night. Additional night vision and thunderstorm modes for extra shock value.
  • Easy controls. Tap and swipe to move your character. Multiple optional joystick control schemes.
  • Intense horror atmosphere. Hear frightening sound effects and terrifying music. Feel the fear as the enemy is coming closer and escape his deadly stare.
  • Endless suspense. Find as many of the mysterious signs before the enemy takes you or find 7 sings to escape.

Use headphones while playing, ideally at night and alone.

Slender Rising v1.0 Apk

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