iPollute v1.19 Apk

iPollute v1.19 Apk

iPollute v1.19 Apk

iPollute Apk – you are invited to a peaceful green valley and you can use your various icons to affect its fate. Every choice you make effects the choices that follow. Can you save the valley or will you destroy it in a terrible tide of pollution?

iPollute features dozens of unique paths, each with its own handmade animation sequence. Explore all the paths to find the hidden stars and fill your claymation Journal with your own story of the valley.

Key Features:-

  • Solve a challenging puzzle every choice affects your progress
  • Dozens of unique sop motion animations, can you find them all?
  • Collect green coins for every action and use them to uncover hints and bonus features

iPollute v1.19 Apk

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