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Card Dungeon v1.0 Apk

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Card Dungeon v1.0 Apk

Card Dungeon ApkĀ – is a wonderful and completely unique and handcrafted board, card, rogue like game experience unlike anything you have played before.

Key Features:-Full 3D. Rotate, zoom and pan across gorgeous board game tiles

  • Discover and equip 1000’s of cards
  • Each play through genuinely unique as you transition from playing a hard hitting warrior to a summoning wizard to a trap laying rogue
  • Randomly generated levels with hand placed creatures
  • No defined player classes. The cards define your class
  • Discover armor and weapon cards that help you define who your Crusader is this run
  • Unlock trait cards which modify how crusaders acts in game. Play a cowardly, but strong Crusader.
  • Record short video clips and upload your achievements and rare card finds for your friends to see. You can even record commentary directly from inside the game
  • 21+ levels packed with 40+ monsters, each with their own unique skills for Crusader to overcome
  • Unique and beautiful artwork

Card Dungeon v1.0 Apk

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