VGB GameBoy GBC Emulator v4.3.14 Apk

VGB GameBoy GBC Emulator v4.3.14 Apk

VGB GameBoy GBC Emulator v4.3.14 Apk

VGB GameBoy GBC Emulator Apk – is a Nintendo emulator. GameBoy Color and Super GameBoy games on your phone or tablet.

Key Features:-

  • Specifically optimized for Android devices, using assembly language and hardware acceleration to run GBC games as fast as possible
  • Supports full screen landscape and portrait modes, with many special effects options and customizable skin
  • Supports Moga and iCade game pads, Nyko playpad, Xperia play etc
  • The built in cheatopedia offers cheat codes for many popular GBC Games
  • Save game play at any point and go back to that point once your character gets killed
  • Rewind game play 16+ seconds back with a single key press
  • Share your current progress in a GBC game with other users via state exchange feature
  • Use Game Link emulation to play with other users over local network or Internet
  • Play with your hardware keyboard, game pad, touch screen or acclerometer
  • On screen buttons can be freely rearranged

What’s New in v4.3.14 Apk

  • Added decorative background that looks like a real GBA SP
  • Fixed directional pad activated by touching outside
  • Hopefully fixed O button on Sony Xperia Game pads
  • Fixed cheats not showing up automatically for recently added games
  • Added Gauntlet Dark legacy to the Cheatopedia
  • Added Galidor, Monster Force, Plalanx to Cheatopedia

VGB GameBoy GBC Emulator v4.3.14 Apk

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