Spider Keyboard Pro v1.1 Apk

Spider Keyboard Pro v1.1 Apk

Spider Keyboard Pro v1.1 Apk

Spider Keyboard Pro Apk – world’s first innovation of smart phone keyboard. It is amazing, fantastic keypad. Available a keyboard even if you close your eyes.

You do not need to check the typing while you are typing the message any more. It is not necessary to concentrate on touching the screen with your finger. This is the only keyboard in the world. Keyboard only can be swiped while still touching with both hands on the touch screen.

Key Features:-

  • Keypad character array same as Qwerty
  • Button larger than 3 x 4 keypad
  • Both hands swipe function
  • With only a single operation, one character input
  • Uniformity of design of the keyboard

How to use:-

  • Please put the thumb of both on each in the center of the pad.
  • After dragging in the direction of one of the eight directions and come back to center and the characters of that direction is inputted.
  • Because you know that there are A,B,C etc. characters in eight directions and the keyboard layout, you can enter text without looking at the keyboard directly.
  • It is similar, you would use a joystick controller.

Spider Keyboard Pro v1.1. Apk

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