Nils Lockscreen Notifications v1.5.1.428 Apk

Nils Lockscreen Notifications v1.5.1.428 Apk

Nils Lockscreen Notifications v1.5.1.428 Apk

Nils Lockscreen Notifications Apk – is a wonderful app that provides the best way to display and interact with notifications on your lock screen.

Nils displays a list of your notifications on top of your lock screen and it does not need a widget to be placed. It is supported on most of the lock screens including WidgetLocker, Cover, GoLocker and many more.

Key Features:-

  • Displayed on top any lockscreen
  • Provides swiping gestures such as swipe right to dismiss, drag icon to open, swipe down to dismiss call etc
  • Display full notification content as it appears on Android notification bar and provides ability to perform actions such as archive Gmail or reply missed call with SMS if available on the notification
  • Swipe notification left or right to dismiss
  • Swipe notifications list down to dismiss all
  • Swipe notification icon right to open notification or perform additional actions
  • Click to show a preview, scroll down or up in the preview to read all text
  • Set position and size anywhere you want on lockscreen
  • Set any colors you want as your title color and text color, font sizes and vertical alignment
  • Change icon background and notification background
  • Show multiple lines of each notification and change icon size
  • Use 3rd part themes for great looking notifications

What’s New in v1.5.1.428 Apk

  • Improved support for themes, search for Android L theme on Google Play
  • Supports notifications with images
  • Set title text color automatically using the app icon prominent color
  • Supports Android Wear
  • Heads Up
  • Bug fixes

Nils Lockscreen Notifications v1.5.1.428 Apk

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