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Neon Colors Theme CM11 AOKP v4.18 Apk

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Neon Colors Theme CM11 AOKP v4.18 Apk

Neon Colors Theme CM11 AOKP Apk – this theme is not for Stock ROM that comes with your device. This theme is for devices that are rooted and running a custom ROM that supports latest theme chooser like CM11, PA, AOKP.

Installation Instructions:-

  • Install the theme.
  • Open settings and select theme.
  • Select the downloaded theme and hit apply
  • Then Reboot (Important)
  • If you get this message, theme is in properly compiled error then Set system theme, reboot your phone, set the downloaded theme

Necessary Requirements:-

  • Custom ROM like CyanogenMod and others
  • XHDPI and HDPI devices supported

What’s New in v4.18 Apk

  • Fixes for PA ROM

Neon Colors Theme CM11 AOKP v4.18 Apk

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