Tiny Flashlight + LED v5.0.2 Apk

Tiny Flashlight + LED v5.0.2 Apk

Tiny Flashlight + LED v5.0.2 Apk

Tiny Flashlight + LED Apk  – Free flashlight app for your device. Incredibly simple and useful. Will use your device’s camera LED/Flash/screen as a torch.

Key Features:-

  • Bright Flashlight/torch mode when using the device LED.
  • Great and diverse screen lights.
  • Widgets with different layouts to choose from (Including lock screen widget).
  • Flashlight starts directly without launching Tiny Flashlight.
  • Strobe/Blinking function with adjustable on/off intervals.
  • Morse code functionality with a text to Morse code function.
  • Beautiful layout and simple controls.
  • Small memory footprint, low battery and CPU consumption.
  • Highly optimized.
  • Best tablet flashlight.
  • Uses your phone’s flash. Note that some devices don’t have a camera LED. In this case, LED flashlight option will be disabled.
  • Screen light – This is the basic white screen, which is bright enough for daily use. You can use it as your primary flashlight option in case your device doesn’t have a LED flashlight or you want to save some battery.
  • Warning lights, Police, color, Strobe, Morse code, Test to Morse – different light resources, which may be very useful in manu situations. Bright enough. You can change the brightness and the colors.
  • The best flashlight app when you need reliability and functionality. Strobe lighting can trigger seizures in photo sensitive epilepsy.

What’s New in v5.0.2 Apk

  • Added show plugins icons option. Used to show/hide the plugins icons from Android’s App drawer.
  • Fixed turning off the light on some HTC and Galaxy S5 devices.

Tiny Flashlight + LED v5.0.2 Apk 

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