Power Guitar HD Pro v1.7 Apk

Power Guitar HD Pro v1.7 Apk

Power Guitar HD Pro v1.7 Apk

Power Guitar HD Pro Apk – Be a Guitar legend by plying your licks on this realistic rock and heavy metal electric guitar. Suitable for both experts and beginners.

You will find Power Guitar simulator as an intuitive and useful tool to learn accomplishment chords, play with your friends, make your jam sessions just using your cell phone or tablet.

With its great design, you will feel like a genuine Guitar player only with your fingers, as it was a guitar pick. Experience the most advanced techniques in Heavy Metal, such as Palm mute, vibrate, slide or harmonics without the need of an amp.

It can be the ideal complement for Drum Solo HD, to improvise a small band full of rhythm.

Key Features:-

  • Record your session tracks and show it to your friends later.
  • Tap frets on the fret board to play power chords.
  • Interface in HD.
  • Pack of real distorted sounds recorded with stereo quality and some multi effect units, using thrash, heavy metal and blues sounds, with reverb, compression/sustain and delay effects. The output of the multi effect units are then passed through a high gain amplifier.
  • Hold down the Palm Mute pedal to apply the effect on the notes you play.
  • Hold down the Solo pedal, playing on any fret of a string and that note will sound with slight vibrato.
  • Tap the pick to play a pick slide.
  • Tap the Tremolo vibrato bar to play an artificial harmonic.
  • 8+ frets for 5th and 6th string (You have available all the chords).
  • Perfect for jamming.
  • Visual labeling of the notes, so that beginners can easily learn to play tabs.
  • Short delay (Depending on your device memory and speed).

What’s New in v1.7 Apk

  • Brand new guitar sound pack available.
  • Changed Android Menu options for a Pop up Menu (For devices lacking the Menu key).
  • Now the animation also works on playback.
  • Added Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.
  • Minor changes and more stability.

Power Guitar HD Pro v1.7 Apk

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