Hike Messenger v3.1.0 Apk

Hike Messenger v3.1.0 Apk

Hike Messenger v3.1.0 Apk

Hike Messenger Apk – A messenger made with live in India. Hike up your life.With Hike Messenger, say Goodbye to stalkers. From your milk man to your aunts to that creepy guy in college. You don’t want them to be seeing your last seen and status update.

Key Features:-

  • Hidden Mode: An awesome new Hike privacy feature which allows you to hide the chats that you want to keep private from the world and access them only with a password. Your private conversations are now protected and secure from anyone who takes your phone.
  • Stickers: Now send some amazing stickers on Hike. Express yourself in a whole new cool way.
  • Send anything and everything: Why email when you can send all kinds of non media files and documents like PDF, ZIP, PPT, APK and much more.
  • Hike Offline: Unable to message friends because they are not online? Don’t worry. Hike does the hardwork to figure out if your friends are offline and then sends them your messages as an SMS, at no cost to you. When they reply, you get the messages in Hike.
  • Bigger attachments: Now you can share large files and videos of 100 MB each.Now that’s what we cal big.
  • Chat Themes: Everyone has backgrounds. We have 2 way themes. When you change the chat theme, it changes for your friends too. Let’s add more character to messaging, shall we??
  • Sharing is Easy: You can share photos, videos, location, contacts, walkie talkie messages and much more on hike.

What’s New in v3.1.0 Apk

  • Photo compression/Quality option as you can choose to send original size pr compressed images.
  • Bugger group chat as now you can add up to 100 friends in a group.
  • Hidden mode password. Change your hidden mode password without having to reset hidden mode.
  • New sticker category along with 400 new Emojis added.
  • Bug zapping.

 Hike Messenger v3.1.0 Apk

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