Flats CM11 Theme v4.2 Apk

Flats CM11 Theme v4.2 Apk

Flats CM11 Theme v4.2 Apk

Flats CM11 Theme Apk – is made to follow Google’s design guidelines while making the entire interface flat and sleek. All icons are stock based for a clean look and feel. Tons of detail is given through out the system that most users won’t even recognize because it blends so nicely with stock theme.

This theme is made to support the new CM theme engine. Also included in the theme (CM theme engine version).

Included Features:-

  • Boot animation.
  • Wallpaper.
  • Lock screen wallpaper.
  • Fonts.
  • Full system style.
  • Sound pack (Ringtone, alarm, tone, notification tone).

This theme is made for CyanogenMod ROM. Ant other ROM you use it on is fine, but please don’t leave bad reviews without contacting me first. More than likely it’s  problem with other ROM not using the latest theme engine in there projects.

If you get an error -110 or error 24 Theme engine has issues at the moment with updating themes.

System apps changed

  • Clock.
  • Contacts.
  • Settings.
  • Dialer.
  • MMS.
  • ROM control.
  • Paranoid preferences.
  • Calculator.
  • Google AOSP keyboard.
  • Core Google apks (Framework, SystemUI).

What’s New in v4.2 Apk

  • Sync current source from CM theme template.
  • Made head;s up background transparent.
  • Reworked volume and progress bars and scrubbers.
  • Made list dividers transparent.
  • Themed PA volume panel background.
  • Made light and dark action bars a little flatter.
  • Made status bar notifications and quick settings backgrounds totally flat.
  • Made status bar grab handle transparent.
  • Removed gradient from Holo light backgrounds.
  • Changed Pie colors’ slightly.

Flats CM11 Theme v4.2 Apk

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