edjing Premium DJ Mix Studio v4.0.1 Apk

edjing Premium DJ Mix Studio v4.0.1 Apk

edjing Premium DJ Mix Studio v4.0.1 Apk

edjing Premium DJ Mix Studio Apk – is the first social DJ app to play, mix and share your sounds. A perfect way to share your passion for music and let other discover your mixing talent.

The Pro version includes:

  • The Pre cueing option so you can prepare your transitions in advance.
  • TK filter (Convergent + Divergent) to play with the resonance frequencies of your music.

An addition to your Android native music file, access the whole Deezler catalogue and mox more than 15 million tracks.

Realize professional like transitions thanks to the crossfader. Match the beats manually or click on the sync button to synchronize the bpm (beats per minute) of your tracks.

Being a DJ has never been so affordable. Party all night with edjing. Wow your friend during parties by mixing your songs like a Pro DJ or let edjing mix your playlists while you are dancing your heart out.

Thanks to the Auto mix, edjing does all the transitions for you. You can customize the transitions you want and program the auto synchronization of bpm (auto sync bpm option) so that the beats of your music always match.

Have fun and remix the trendiest tracks of the moment on your new pocket turntables.

Key Features:-

  • Android 4.0 and above.
  • Screen compatibility 3.7″ and upper.
  • eMix function to share your mix on Facebook and Twitter (Depending on Android phone).
  • Direct access to your Android native music file to mix your own music.
  • Deezer compatibility.
  • edjing Pro exclusivity: Pre Cueing and TK filter natively included.
  • 2 turntables plus cross fader.
  • Scratch,Pitch on Vinyl.
  • Wide sound Spectrum for optimum betas localization.
  • Pro DJ effects as Cue, Flanger, Loop, Echo, Equalizer.
  • A store with additional effects such as Reverse, Double flipping, Auto scratch, Reverbs, TK oscillator, Gate etc.
  • The possibility to earn vinyls to buy effects.
  • Possibility to record your mix, recording in high definition DC quality, wave format.
  • AutoMix mode for automatic transitions.
  • BPM synchronizations.
  • Ability to remix mp3 files of more than 1 hour.

What’s New in v4.0.1 Apk

  • A new DJ social network edjing world with your own DJ profile page to promote your talent and share your mixes to your fans.
  • Unlimited Mix cloud storage on you edjing profile page.
  • More than 50 million tracks.
  • A Global search feature: Browse multiple music catalogues at once,local files, deezer and soundcloud.
  • A current playlist to prepare your party sets in advance.
  • Music library optimizations and re design.
  • Flatter graphic design.
  • New ergonomics.

edjing Premium DJ Mix Studio v4.0.1 Apk

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