C Locker Pro v6.2.4 Apk

C Locker Pro v6.2.4 Apk

C Locker Pro v6.2.4 Apk

C Locker Pro Apk – Customize the widgets you Like, launch the actions you need quickly. C Locker now supports Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Security Unlock.

Pro Features:-

Things You can see from the Lock screen

  • All app widgets or 8 types of default widgets.
  • Notifications from Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp, all supported.
  • RSS Feeds (CNN,BBC), Network Provider Name, Battery Info.
  • Calender events list reminder.

Things you can customize on the Lock screen

  • Adding Multiple app widgets for 3 profiles – default, music, location.
  • Volume Rocker control, long press to play/skip (next/prev) music.
  • Locker screen sliding gesture actions with 4 directions (Up, down, left, right) x 2 fingers.
  • Double/Triple tap to turn off the screen and other shortcut actions.
  • More than 30 custom shortcuts you can set to launch apps, direct calls, direct SMS.
  • RSS Update interval and other settings.
  • Security PIN for shortcuts and unlock.
  • and much more

C Locker Pro v6.2.4 Apk

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