Android L Theme CM11 PA v1k Apk

Android L Theme CM11 PA v1k Apk

Android L Theme CM11 PA v1k Apk

Android L Theme CM11 PA Apk – by Nucleoid is designed to work on Cyanogen latest theme engine, it will change the look of your smartphone and will resemble new style of the upcoming Android version L.

Android L by Nucleoid starts on its release by theming the main core components of your phone, its system and framework and will gradually transform into a full themed experience. We will update the number of elements by pushing frequent updates.

Note: To avoid settings force closing when you select WiFi option, please update your ROM with a version later than 2nd of July. CyanogenMod fixed the issue with white holo styles settings and all ROMs are applying the fix.

What’s New in v1k Apk

  • Fixed icons not visible inside cyanogenMod profiles.
  • Fixed unlock pattern not visible inside settings.
  • Themed carbon ROM icons in settings. I found theme engine in carbonrom latest nightly buggy with all themes.
  • Changed space bar appearance when pressed (Google key board).
  • Themed pop ups.
  • Made WiFi status bar icons wider.
  • Layout can’t be changed with a theme on KitKat and previous icons didn’t look good enough being that close to each other.

Android L Theme CM11 PA v1k Apk

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