Android L Theme CM11 PA v1h Apk

Android L Theme CM11 PA v1h Apk

Android L Theme CM11 PA v1h Apk

Android L Theme CM11 PA Apk – is the only that really swaps settings layout without repainting all dark holo apps and so avoiding messes and incompatibilities. For example white on white or horrible color combinations. For now you just have to change to stock theme to add a new WiFi connection or else it will force close.

CyanogenMod has found a fix and from the 2nd of July all ROMs will update and fix his small issue.

Android L theme by Nucleoid is designed to work on CyanogenMod latest theme engine, It will change the look of your smartphone and will resemble the new style of the upcoming Android version L.

Android L by Nucleoid starts on its release by theming the main core components of your phone, its system and framework and will gradually transform into a full themed experience . We will update the number of elements by pushing frequent updates.

What’s New in v1h Apk

  • New themed Google keyboard.
  • New redesigned notification panel with a better floating effect.
  • Tweaked several system colors and text.
  • Fixed spotify notification button colors.

Android L Theme CM11 PA v1h Apk

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