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WakeVoice Vocal alarm clock v5.2.1 Apk

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WakeVoice Vocal alarm clock v5.2.1 Apk

WakeVoice Vocal alarm clock Apk – Much more than a simple alarm clock, WakeVoice lets you interact with with your phone using your voice.

Key Features:-

  • Talk to it with custom commands to stop the alarm or activate the snooze option.
  • Listen to your phone telling you about weather, news of your choice or personalized message while staying warm in your bed.
  • Waking up is not an easy thing for you? You have never found the alarm clock you needed?
  • Why not try WakeVoice.
  • WakeVoice can overcome the negative aspect associated to regular alarm clocks, making your morning funnier and less difficult.
  • The Idea is simple. When the alarm rings, you just have to talk to WakeVoice to stop the alarm or activate the reminder.
  • But that’s not at all.
  • Once the ringing stopped, it’s your phone’s turn to talk to you.
  • Customizable widgets, weather of the day, news of your choice (RSS), choose what you want to hear.

What’s New in v5.2.1 Apk

  • Night mode is colorful again (Change it from settings).
  • Night Mode’s brightness can be directly modified by clicking on it (Like before).
  • Night mode is no more stopped by your device sleep/lock.

WakeVoice Vocal alarm clock v5.2.1 Apk

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