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Voxis Launcher v0.1 Apk

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Voxis Launcher v0.1 Apk

Voxis Launcher Apk – is a wonderful launcher from the popular tech blogger Coldfus Tion, this will give your home screen the Voxis look with just one installation.

Key Features:-

  • Coldfus Tion style in just one installation.
  • Recent apps from the left bezel.
  • Quick access to Google Now (Triple tap anywhere).
  • Quick and smooth animations.
  • Live clock and date triggers.
  • Swipe in from left bezel for running apps.
  • App draw in one list.
  • Hide your notification tray.
  • Customizable Menus for easy access to your most used apps.
  • Use any image you like for your icons.
  • Dynamic re-sizing/dragging for widgets.
  • Stylish options Menu.
  • 12-24 hour time toggle.

Voxis Launcher v0.1 Apk

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